Pam Goodman

Pam Goodman loves children.  She began her journey as a frustrated parent, with even more frustrated kids.   Somes days, she would sit at home doing homework with her kids and watched them become more and more detached from learning, she knew that she needed to find a better path for them.  She knew they were extremely bright, articulate and fully capable, but some days, the connection from the classroom to home was not made.  Pam noticed that many of their classmates experienced the same even with the most gifted educators teaching them.

Through research, educational principles, trial and error, Pam developed a system that swiftly removes shame and instills confidence, courage and pride.

As an Educational Consultant with over 15 years of experience in conducting research, creating materials and successfully applying multi-sensory learning techniques for children, she had noticed a lot of patterns with extremely bright kids who are very frustrated and overwhelmed with their day-to-day school environment.