The Power of color

There are 24 letters, 5 words and no spaces, but you can clearly read “connecting the dots for kids”.

Color is a powerful tool.  It makes things pop!  It can be used in any subject and in many different ways.

Blue is the memory color.  Red is the secondary color and I use the child’s favorite for the 3rd color if I need it.


1) Flash cards – put the “9×7=” in black and the answer “63” in blue. 9×7=63

2) Spelling – put the “ee” in blue to make the concept pop.   speech

3) Memorizing countries…Label first country in blue and write the capital and country in blue.  Next country in red.  Next country in another color.  It helps you to learn 7 countries versus 21 individual facts.

4) For science, label the parts of a plant in color.

5) For special projects, get a whiteboard and make a calendar and have the “planning” marked out in the same color as the subject to highlight planning work needs to be done for that subject.

6) Once you see the value, the options are endless!