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Pam has done it again! Her guides are easy to follow and can be referenced easily. If you are looking for strategies to determine your child’s learning style and ways to support your child’s learning process, look no further!


Pam began working with my oldest son Evan 2 or 3 years ago. He was struggling in school and not picking things up as fast as the rest of his class. Pam not only got him up to speed by figuring out how my son learns best but he came home yesterday and told me that he got 100% on his practice EOG for reading comprehension and was told by one of his teachers that he was the only 4th grader out of two 4th grade classes that he works with that got a 100%. I was so proud! My son had this ability the whole time, but Pam brought it out and made him confident. If you are looking for someone to work with your child, please do your and your child a favor and contact Pam.

Robbie Norris

A-B-C, it is as easy as 1-2-3! We all as parents want to take the ‘work’ out of homework for our kids and make sure they get done what needs to be done. This book provides easy solutions to homework problems you and your child are facing on the home front.

Louanne Caspar

Another great guide by Pam Goodman! Parents will benefit from the easy and practical implementation strategies for supporting their child’s learning progress! As an educator, I love how she encourages a strong parent/teacher relationship and celebrates parents as an educator in their own child’s life.


Great book, obvious the author loves education!


Understanding how my child learns. That’s powerful stuff!

Andrew Philips

Very creative. Kids need to know their job and what a creative way to learn it.


This book helped my son be the best student he could be! Just as the title says…

Kristen N.

Must read for parents with visual learners! These are skills for life written by a lady who knows what she is talking about.


As a teacher, I am so please to see a book that provides strategies for parents dealing with homework hassles. With “Homework Hassles”, Pam provides real life tips and solutions for so many homework struggles that parents and their children face. I am looking forward to sharing this book with the teacher and parents I currently support in an effort to eliminate the dread, sweat and the tears from the nightly homework routine.